Amelie Lens Awakenings Moments

Amelie Lens is one of the first names Awakenings Festival lovers look out for when the annual summer Amsterdam festival line-up is announced. Here's a look back at the last three years with the techno favourite

Amelie Lens burst onto the worldwide techno circuit out of nowhere. Her heavy, high beat electronic music style has seen her grow a fan-base in the millions and has taken her to the biggest festivals and best clubs around the world. 

The Belgium born Lenske producer and selector is conquering the scene year-after-year. At Awakenings Festival in Amsterdam, she’s secured a spot as one of the first artists to be booked to play the iconic Dutch capital weekender.

From 2017 to 2019, here’s a look at some top Amelie Lens Awakenings moments, captured and recorded for our listening and viewing pleasure.