Producer Showcase: Five Of The Best Maceo Plex Productions

Maceo Plex is a music master. The Ellum boss has released some of the finest tracks on some of the world's biggest techno and house music labels. Here's five of his best

Maceo Plex in the studio
Instagram / @maceoplex

Maceo Plex is a proper music man. From his early record store working days, to producing some of techno’s most iconic anthems: Eric Estornel has had a life immersed in sound.

Having released on major labels such as Afterlife, Diynamic, Drumcode and his own Ellum print, Maceo Plex’s emotional, experimental and ethereal production style has dominated dancefloors for decades.

Now, Estornel has taken his sound to a new level. Adding an injection of groove with house music undertones, whilst still retaining a thumping techno backbone, under his Maceo Plex moniker, the Cuban-American producer and DJ has redefined an entire genre of music.

Here he features in One More Track’s latest Producer Showcase. In no particular order, here’s five of the finest Maceo Plex releases and remixes.

CJ Bolland & The Advent — Camargue 2019 (Maceo Plex Remix)

  • Drumcode – 2019

CJ Bolland and The Advent’s 1992 Camargue gem was uncovered during a time where western European house and techno was enjoying a golden era of production. This track is as iconic as they come and undertaking a re-work task of this one would be tough for any musician on the planet.

With a deep and respectful understanding of electronic music, Maceo Plex subtlety re-shapes the tone of this 90s dancefloor classic, by creating a more modern industrial feeling, supported by cleverly crafted distortion and an electrifying melody. Camargue will live on forever – and this remix gives it a fresh feel for a generation of techno lovers.

Maceo Plex and Gabriel Ananda – Solitary Daze

  • Ellum – 2014

The ultimate end-of-the-after-after-party anthem. Solitary Daze is a stirring story of sound. Strong in emotion and punch in its string effect centrepiece, this Plex and Ananda’s collaboration is a graceful, frightful and powerful piece of music.

Its synth dominating elements give it that signature Maceo Plex feel, but it’s that travelling string effect that really gives this track its strength. As it swirls, swells and seizes your senses: Solitary Daze is a story that’ll leave you turning the page back to the beginning, over and over again.

Maceo Plex – Conjure Dreams

  • Drumcode – 2014

But in 2014, Maceo Plex wasn’t done with the bangers. His Drumcode Conjure titled song series has taken over every techno chart, dancefloor and Spotify playlist across the planet. In a matter of opinion: Conjure Dreams is the best of all.

Again, in Estornel style, the melodic groove of the production takes centre stage, but only with the support of bass-heavy drum rhythm that gives this track some welly. It’s a monster of a Maceo Plex anthem that you’ve no doubt heard countless times before.

Maceo Plex – Solar Detroit

  • Ellum – 2015

Reportedly inspired by a trip to Detroit’s Movement Festival with his son, Estornel produced another euphoric techno anthem that rides an intense, melodic synth-led melody. Solar Detroit – part of his 2015 Solar album – is a proper Maceo Plex hit.

The song takes no time in announcing its strength. Strong drum patterns with a light background rattle create an anthemic underground spine – but it’s a beefy synth signature that injects a real wow atmosphere into the piece. Solar Detroit is peak-time emotional techno at its best.

Maceo Plex – When The Lights Are Out

  • Ellum – 2019

More recently, Plex – sat in his home studio – applied the finishing touches a masterpiece that took over an Ibiza summer and beyond. His wife Christine – a key to his success as a producer – overheard his work. She announced ‘this is going to be big’. She wasn’t wrong.

When The Lights Are Out is a compelling seven minutes or so of music. It’s unashamedly progressive in nature, with a build-up and release that’ll leave hairs stand on end. As too the lyrics, which lend an ear-burrowing hand and will stick with you for eternity. When The Lights Are Out is a true display of Maceo Plex’s mastery.

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