Most Iconic Moments: Boiler Room Edition

Boiler Room has captured over a decade of wonderful music moments, given to us by the likes of Carl Cox, Solomun and more. Here's a handpicked look at some of the best

boiler room, carl cox

Boiler Room has pioneered a digital dance window for all music lovers across the world. It was one of the first on the scene to showcase a new format for artists to exhibit their talents to all corners of the inter-webbed globe. For over a decade, Boiler Room has played a huge role in digital dance music culture.

Starting in London, Boiler Room has now broadcast in over 100 different cities worldwide. Founder Blaise Bellville has turned this simple video concept into a household name for the music enthusiast. During its 10 years on the scene, the media brand has showcased all kinds of genres with many different kinds of artists.

Here’s a hand-picked selection of some of the best moments from Boiler Room’s 10 year history.

Solomun Boiler Room DJ Set

  • Tulum – 2015

Come on. Where we ever going to start anywhere else? Solomun’s Tulum Boiler Room has soundtracked more after-parties than the big man can ever dream of.

It’s soulful, funky, diverse and just downright brilliant. Solomun utilises his stripped back mixing style, with a full focus on track selection, taking us through his own Diynamic crate to classic Westbam and a famous Mousse T. remix. You probably have already, but if not, whack it on and enjoy the ride.

Carl Cox Boiler Room Ibiza Villa Takeovers DJ Set

  • Ibiza – 2013

Carl Cox and Ibiza go together like Villalobos and Class-A’s. During summer 2013, Coxy took over a villa to bring us a sexy mix of house classics and Space Ibiza favourites.

The Blue Monday selection just over half-an-hour in goes down in BR history, but it’s the blue dressed woman that really steals the show. Welcome to Carl Cox’s Ibiza heaven.

Floorplan (Robert Hood) Boiler Room x Dekmantel

  • Dekmantel, Amsterdam – 2015

House and techno super-don Robert Hood doesn’t need much of an introduction. His uplifting Floorplan alias has given Hood a different kind of musical playground to explore. Along with his daughter Lyric, the Floorplan message was preached loud and clear at Dekmantel in 2015.

In one of Boiler Room’s best get-togethers, the Floorplan duo gave the Amsterdam festival a lesson in spiritual house. Give your soul a seeing to and enjoy the Boiler Room below.

Jamie xx Boiler Room Reykjavík DJ Set

  • Reykjavík – 2017

The whole of Iceland’s population turned up to see The xx producer wonder Jamie xx perform a closing DJ masterpiece as the sun set over a Reykjavík rooftop.

This is just-over-an hour of-sheer brilliance, mixed, mastered and blended perfectly by the none-conforming, genre-bending producer and selector. Experience the full force of Jamie xx’s talent in this BR epic.

Folamour | Boiler Room x FLY Open Air 2019

  • FLY Open Air, Edinburgh – 2019

Folamour is on fire. The house and disco selector burst on the scene just a handful of years ago with a debut label – but this Boiler Room really secured his internet space.

That Midnight Mouse ABBA sample will have you smiling ear-to-ear. An incredible set from one of the scene’s most incredible artists. Keep an eye on Folamour.

Of course, there are so many Boiler Room’s to choose from. It has been 10 years, after all. What’s your favourite Boiler Room set or moment?