Reviewed: Diynamic’s Latest Rain Before Sunset EP

Matteo Bruscagin, Danny Losito, Angelmoon and Visnadi's collaborative Diynamic EP release has finally landed

Rain before sunset EP diynamic

Finally. It’s here. You’ve most definitely seen Diynamic boss Solomun take over your Instagram feeds with snippets of this new collaborative EP with Matteo Bruscagin, Danny Losito, Angelmoon and Visnadi.

The two-track extended play is fitting to the current state of 2020. Rain Before Sunset is a moving piece of emotional music that compels a real light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel feeling. Matteo Bruscagin and his Italian cohorts have composed a story you’ll no-doubt get lost in. Diynamic’s dedication to deep house dynamite continues.

With the help of producers Angelmoon and Visnadi – with Danny Losito on Rain vocals – Rain Before Sunset is a much-needed release for these times. Here we go.

Rain Before Sunset by Matteo Bruscagin, Angelmoon, Visnadi and Danny Losito

  • Diynamic – 12 July 2020

Rain leads the EP both in name and substance. With a rich melancholy that somehow creates an internal feeling of lightness. Rain plays with two polar emotions: happiness and sadness – which ultimately leads to content.

It opens with a strong kick at a powerful pace, with a faded sweet synth-line as the backdrop, which gradually gains momentum, meeting the kick before Danny Losito’s enchanting vocals enter the piece, tying the whole story together. At the point, you know you’re in for a moving, eternal five-minutes.

Although Rain stands-out in this EP, Sunset – produced solely by Matteo Bruscagin – does its best to hold its own, though it lends a supportive role as an extension of the leading track… it is an extended play after all.

Touching higher notes, Sunset has more of an uplifting atmosphere. It’s the second part of this Rain Before Sunset journey – and it feels like a perfect ending to the story. Listen and imagine this one as day turns to night. Looking beyond this year, both Rain and Sunset will soundtrack brighter memories to come.